Current Projects

VoxelStorm Ltd

A small indie game studio based in Manchester and Edinburgh.


A classic Asteroids-inspired arcade experience reimagined for immersive virtual reality, and supporting Oculus Rift.


An advertising tycoon game initially created in a week for Cyberpunk Jam, then kickstarted, and finally released on Steam.


A game created in a week for Fuck This Jam 2014.


A game created in a week for Fuck This Jam 2012.


The world's oldest minecraft server, with over 50,000 unique players.

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Open source



  • Image to C ANSIfier - Encode images in C code that outputs ANSI art
  • Floating Point Precision Calculator - Calculate the step sizes around any given floating point or double precision value
  • Stateful Chess API - Enter single moves and get the computer's move back.

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