Riot's ANSIfier

Convert images to ANSI art to include in C and C++ programs

This tool takes an image from the internet, converts it to 256 colour unicode ANSI art, and writes a definition of the binary data to a header file for you to download and include in your C and C++ projects. With this you can hard-code colour logos and images for display in your console programs, for dramatic splash screens, text-based menus and so on.

URL of input image:
Width of output in columns:
Array name (optional)

To use, simply #include "ansified.h" in the source file where you need to use it.

The header file includes an unsigned char array containing the binary data, which you can dump straight to the terminal to display the ANSI image, and an unsigned int describing the length of the binary blob in bytes.

In C++, to use it you simply need to std::cout << ansi_arrayname << std::endl;